As Dünya Poliüretan Terlik Ve Ayakkabı, we started production in Gedikpaşa/Beyazıt in 2010 and continue with the excitement and determination of the first day.

In the first years of our establishment, we developed a sales network with the Balkan countries, and then we have reached a strong production and service quality by developing in Africa and Arabia regions.

In the following years, upon the demands of European countries, we started to produce at European standards and improved our service network and production quality. In the last decade we have made progress in numerous fields and have been able to export most of our production capacity to Europe, especially through project-based works.

Today, we serve as a reliable partner in all countries where we work with a production capacity of 130 thousand pairs per month on a total area of 3400 m2.


As a successful and trusted company in the sector, we strengthen our connection with all the companies we are solution partners.


Renewing ourselves with marketing and organizational skills, becoming a leader company with honest business virtues, contributing to the booming economic and social life of Turkey.